Slavery in the textile industry

Slavery in the textile industry. Do you know who manufactured the clothes you are wearing?  Sadly, it may be that behind agarment you get in the store of your favorite mall, labor abuses and even child exploitation have been committed. How can it be that reputable brands can allow this? The truth is that it […]

Fast fashion

Fast fashion. What is fast fashion? It is something that in recent years is quite rooted in the habits of many consumers. It can be fascinating, since if we visit any shopping mall we can opt for current, modern clothes at a very affordable price. Textile fashion is a tendency that people have to adopt […]

Quality in clothing, do you know how to recognize it?

Quality in clothing, Do you know how to recognize it? Who doesn’t like to go shopping? Almost everyone likes to buy clothes, either taking advantage of the sales or something from the new collection. But we should ask ourselves, what are our habits when we choose a garment? Do we like it because it is […]

What ́s sustainable fashion?

What ́s sustainable fashion? Before defining what sustainable fashion is, let’s look at some shocking news. In the north ofChile, in the Atacama Desert, we can find a cemetery of used clothing. There lie thousands of tons of textile waste, mountains of used clothing from all corners ofthe world. And it is not the only […]