So, this is us, Sabine & Yumi, two working mums living in Barcelona. We have worked our entire life for the fashion business and now we want to make things different and better for the planet. Did you know that according to a report by the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), the fashion industry is the second most polluting in the world? Our aim is to inspire a change in the industry and avoid over production and to provide a catalogue of garments that are beautiful, comfortable, long-lasting and accessible to all multitasking women. We will make their life more beautiful and help protect the planet. Our main tool is pre-ordering: this results in a full control to avoid over production and we can focus on quality, fabrics, manufacturing, and service at an attractive price.


We want to make sustainable garments for real women like us, not the ones we see in the movies or pictures. Atelier SAYU is all about going beyond what we, women, are used to when combining comfort with a perfect fit for a timeless look. Femininity reinvented for the modern all-terrain and versatile women. The woman, who goes from the bank to work and from work to dinner or home. Women who telework one day and need to be at the office the next one. We want to offer long-lasting styles that make you feel comfortable and good-looking, and this way avoid contributing to this craziness of making disposable garments that are unsatisfying and excessively polluting. We want to help avoid the bad habits of buying more and more, ending up throwing away 60% in the first year. What’s the point of creating another brand and contributing to this madness? In addition to proving them wrong, we want to inspire the fashion industry and consumers that things can be made differently. To accomplish this goal, we need this project to stand out in the fashion industry and show what fashion can be. Please help us! As much as we love clothes and dress beautifully, we can also tell that there are things we can do to make things better. 


At this point, you are part of our team. Let’s reduce consumption, let’s make something beautiful for us, and consider the world’s need to be sustainable, we just need to know your suggestions, that is why we co-create with you. Listening to your suggestions means weare not designing under the tyranny of seasons and trends. After searching for the best sustainable fabrics for your need we start to create Iconic silhouettes intentionally designed with a timeless aesthetic and versatility. We put more thought into design details and craftsmanship to ensure longer life and to meet your inputs, with details suchas reinforced seams or pockets for cell phones. 


Transparency is one of our fundamental values and we are going to tell you about the whole process of development, the materials we use, and where we produce in detail. We will keep you informed on our blog, Instagram, and Facebook, and we are happy to answer any questions. Wrong size? We are all human and sometimes we choose the wrong size. This is why we produce 5% more than of the purchase orders we receive, just in case you need to change the size. Nowadays, the average number of returns in the market is above 25%. Can you imagine the environmental impact that this means? To solve this, we’ve put a lot of effort from our side and resources at your disposal to reduce exchanges to a minimum. 


 The darkest secret of the fashion industry is waste. 48% of what is produced is burned or thrown away in landfills in the first year. A major part of the problem is the world’s obsession with following the latest trends. Designers create new collections for every season, and consumers rush to purchase the latest styles and fall for sales and promotions. We don’t agree with this mechanism. This is why we say no to seasons, trends, and sales. These tools have been used for years to generate overconsumption and dissatisfaction. Also glory, but only for a few. It’s time to think about our worldwide community. We say yes to buy less, buy consciously and reuse and customize more. Our proposition is to learn together to buy consciously and not let us get influenced so much by trends and promotions and therefore reduce the unnecessary production and only produce what you decide. If we can wait 3 months for the sales, we can wait some weeks as well to get our purchase order.