Quality in clothing, Do you know how to recognize it?

Who doesn’t like to go shopping?

Almost everyone likes to buy clothes, either taking advantage of the sales or something from the new collection.

But we should ask ourselves, what are our habits when we choose a garment?

Do we like it because it is trendy, because of its originality, because of its brand, because of its quality?

We all like quality clothes, but do we know how to recognize them?

Them? Does quality clothing have to be exclusively expensive or branded?

We are going to try to briefly give some tips to help us recognize the quality of the garments.

This can be very useful for us not to waste our money on clothes that can easily tear, shrink or fade.

Buying quality clothes will not only benefit our pocket, as there are other issues to consider.

These are also important, but often unknown to us.

Have you heard of Fast Fashion?

It is a current and very popular trend. It is the mass production of poor quality clothing.

It is usually of a quality that will only last a few months. But that’s not the worst of it, as it has disastrous consequences both on a humanitarian and ecological level.

The manufacture of this textile involves the destruction of the environment and the exploitation of people who work long hours in subhuman conditions for mass production.

Where to start for choosing sustainable clothing?

Check the labels

For a garment to be of quality it must have a good fabric. This guarantees that it will last you
a long time. Don’t rely on well-known brands, some of them may use inferior qualities.

Look at the composition of the fabric. A good quality garment often has blends of synthetic and natural fibers, these can be for example cotton, polyester and elastane. Discard garments whose fabrics are 100% synthetic or have more than 50% acrylic, these will not last long.

Check the garment

✓Look at the garment against the light, you will be able to see if it has any imperfections.
Good quality garments usually have a good thickness.

✓ Try wrinkling the fabric. What does the test consist of? Take a piece of fabric and wrinkle it with a closed fist. The way the fabric comes back and how it is wrinkled can be very useful. If the wrinkle is marked, there is no doubt that the fabric is of poor quality. We can also test its elasticity. Depending on the type of fabric it is, we will have a different result.

The finishing touches

Paying attention to the small details is also very important. What aspects can we look at?

✓The seams. Check that they are straight, regular and well stitched. These should not be very visible and of course we should not see any loose thread.

✓ The zipper. Zippers are usually hidden. Check if it is well finished and that it goes up and down easily.

✓ Buttons and buttonholes. These should be well finished and fastened.

✓ In many cases, the garment comes with spare buttons.

✓ On pants, check that they come with a wide hem, in case you need to lengthen them.

The fitting

Trying on clothes is the ultimate test to indicate that they are of good quality. Many low-cost brands tend to save on the amount of fabric, which is why we can find clothes that are ill-fitting, narrow and do not fit as they should.

These are just some important criteria to keep in mind when buying a garment.Don’t get carried away by the price or even the brand.

If you make sure you buy quality you will have a garment that will last you a long time.

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